All Nets are UP and Tennis Practices have begun.

Dan Brunette, Bryan Smith, and Jeff Smith meet with players and parents at 12 noon, March 14th. Meet at Tennis House but come in East Door next to Community Room because floor tiles are being replaced. Thanks for your support.

Bryan Smith, Jeff Smith and Dan Brunette to meet with Parents and High Performance Tournament Players on Saturday, March 14th at 12 noon in the Tennis House.

Charge for each hour is $15 with total daily fee determined by hours of participation.
Barbara Wynne apologizes to the attendees of the March 2nd meeting and for writing on the flyer incorrectly the hourly fee. It was always agreed to be $15 so forgive my incorrect quote. I know the new ...more»

Two Week-long Tennis Camps offered 10 different weeks in 2015.

Tennis Camps to run ten weeks in 2015. Junior Day Camp: Monday-Thursday 9 am - 3 pm and Fuill Day Camp 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday
Camps include three hours of tennis, swimming, table tennis, conditioning, board games, snack and the Arthur Ashe Reading Room for those who want a book break. Full Monday-Friday Day camp is 45 hours ...more»

2015 CITA Qualifications Dates and Entry Deadlines Info on Age Groups 18-10BG singles and doubles attached

Strict deadlines in 2015, please enter by Tennis Link number by May 15. Don't Wait!!
CITA Midwest 10 & Under Qualifier
Closed to CIN
May 29 — May 31, 2015
Lawrence North High School
7802 Hague Road
Indianapolis, IN 46256

New Leadership for Tennis Program in 2015

Dan Brunette will lead 2015 program with Bryan Smith and Jeff Smith. Bryan and Jeff Smith are Coaches of the USTA Regional Training Center and will bring new drills and dedication to our program.
We look forward to more tennis and good times this summer at North Central. Our schedule of classes will be posted by February 12th and the 2015 Schedule of Tournaments posted by January 20th.


The Midwest Closed Crowns Champions. Top players headed for USTA National Championships

Steve Wakefield organizes staff for seven sites and 512 players while Lynda Hinshaw organizes dozens of umpires and officials. Results enclosed:
Boys' 18 Singles
F (4) Thomas Fawcett d. (14) Martin Joyce 7-6(5); 6-0
PL (3) Aron Hiltzik d. (1) Paul Oosterbaan 6-4; 6-4
SF (14) Martin Joyce d. (3) Aron Hiltzik 6-4; 6-2
SF (4) Thomas Fawcett d. (1)

Red Ball Round Robins for boys and girls 8 and under

Every Wednesday from 3-5 pm on QuickStart Courts $15 donation to Riley Children's Foundation
Boys and Girls able to keep ball in play and serve a little are invited to participate in two-hour timed round robins in June and July.
The month of June, second serves will be "throw in" and the month


"It takes a big staff to run all the programs we offer." We want You!
2015 Schedule of Tournaments and Events
2015 Calendar of Tennis Events, Classes, Tournaments
Indianapolis Community Tennis Program
at the Barbara S. Wynne Tennis Center
1805 East 86th Street - 34 Courts – Tennis House
*New: Sunday Mixed Doubles register each week to play ($10/ea): frank@indyracquet.com 5/17-8/30
Tournament(deadline date) TennisLink (entry number)

March 2: Tennis Play Day and Info day. Free. 6:00-7:30 pm. Activities for kids! Tennis House.
Register:Sundays: April 12-May 17th Midwest Youth Team Tennis (ages 6-12) Sundays.
Registration site: www.midwestteamtennis.com Deadline is March 20, 2015.

March 14: 12 Noon..Bryan Smith, Jeff Smith, Dan Brunette to meet with Parents and Players interested
in the format of the Spring High Performance Tournament Players Training Program.
The meeing is in the Community Room of the Tennis House at the Barbara S. Wynne Tennis Center.

March 16: 3:00 pm First Day Tennis House Open for Registration

March 16-May 28, 2015 High Performance Spring Tennis 2-7 pm (participation hours vary, fee based on
attendance.) Flexible hours to accommodate school and activities schedules.
Intense practice sessions and conditioning: Dan Brunette, Jeff Smith and Bryan Smith.
Program limited to tournament players preparing for the CITA Qualifications.

April 12-May 17: Midwest Youth Team Tennis ages 6-13) (all levels of play & instruction}
Sundays: 3:00-4:00 pm. Advanced registration required.
Middle School Mixed Doubles and Pizza Sundays: 4:00-5:30 pm April 12-May 17th.

April 24-27: Big East Men and Women College Tennis Tournament (New 2015)

May 3, 2015 Connie Held Spirit Dinner…All welcome…6:30-8:00 pm Tennis House

May 8-10:(5/4) Crosswords of America Junior Open (855323415) B(18-16)s, FIC B(18-16)d

May 8-10 (5/5) Washington Township Orange and Green Ball Earned Advancement Midwest-Level 5 (850018115) BG 10 Green-Ball s; FIC; 5/9 Co-Ed 10 Orange-Ball RR

May 15-17:(5/11) Barbara S. Wynne Junior Open (855305815) Midwest Level 5 & (QuickStart 8s)
B(18-12)s FIC; G(14-12)s,FIC;B(18-12)d,SE; G(14-12)d,SE; QuickStart 8s RR.

May 17 First weekly Sunday Mixed Doubles. Ages 18 and over. 5:30-7:00 pm $10/each Must preregister
each week: frank@indyracquet.com Runs May 17-August 30 (no mixed doubles July 5 and 12th.)

May 20-22 IHSAA Girls Sectionals

May 22-24:(5/17)( Race Weekend/No Hotel Open (855324015) (with QuickStart 8s) Jrs. MW Level 5.
B(18-12)s FIC; G(14-12)s,FIC,B(18-12)d,SE; G(14-12)d,SE; 8BGs:Red Ball RRs 5/24 (1-4 pm)

May 22-24:(5/17) Race Weekend Earned advancement (850108415) Orange and Green Ball 10s
May 22-24; May 23: Co-ed 10 orange-ball Round Robin

May 26-27 IHSAA Girls’ regional

May 26-July 30, 2015: Nine-week Summer Program begins at North Central, Eastwood, and Westlane.

May 29-31 (5/24)CITA Qualifications (850079915) for BG10 at Lawrence North. Deadline: May 24

May 31; Washington Township Quick Start Open: (#850053615) BG10s (60’ court/orange ball)
BG8 and under (36’ Court/red ball)) Round Robin

June 5-6: IHSAA 1 Girls State Team Championships

June 5-8 (5/29)CITA Midwest Boys 18 & under Qualifier (850061215) SD (deadline May 29, 2015)

June 7-10: (5/31)CITA Midwest Girls 18 & 16 & under Qualifier (#85008015) (deadline May 31, 2015)

June 12 & 13: IHSAA Girls Individual Singles & Doubles State Championships (away)

June 14:(6/11) June Satellite Tournament for unranked tennis players: BG 18,16,14, 12 singles: 12-5 pm

June 19: USTA Midwest College Showcase (Advanced registration required)

June 20-25: (6/12) USTA Midwest Level 1 Outdoor Closed Championships (850013315)
BG (18-16)s,FIC; BGd,SE

June 26-28:(8/22) Hoosier Open (#850062715) for BG 10, 12, 14sd Consolation singles & doubles

July 4-5: Mid-Tac Annual Tennis Championships

July 10:(7/7) July Satellite Tournament for unranked players: BG 18,16,14, 12 singles: 12-5 pm.

July 11-13:(7/3) USTA LEVEL 3 Tournament (850013415) BG(18-16)s,FIC,BG(18-16)d,SE

July 18: (7/14) Tennis Triathlon Open for 18BG: S & D and MxD: lunch, trophies, awards: 8am-6pm
Non-sanctioned. Enter as a mixed doubles team. $30 each. Entries due July 14/Tennis House.

July 23-26:(7/20) Indiana State Junior Open (855324615) (with level 7 QuickStart 10s & 8s) MW Level 5
BG(18-12)s,FIC; BG(18-12)d,SE; XD(18,14)d,SE Open: BG(10 78’court/green-dot ball)s,
FIC; BG10d,SE; Open: BG(8(36’Court/Red Ball)sd, RR (Benefits Riley Children’s Foundation)

July 29: Tennis Program Awards and Pizza Party: 12 noon Tennis House (registration required)

July 30: Summer Program ends

Fall Program: August 3-October 17, 2015: Dan Brunette, Jeff Smith, Bryan Smith

July 31-Auguat 2: USTA Midwest Jr. Team Tennis Sectional Championships

August 2: August Washington Twp QuickStart Open (#850053715) BG10 (60’ Court/Orange Ball),
8(36’Court/Red Ball)s, RR

August 8(9/3) August Satellite Tournament for unranked players: BG 18,16,14, 12.singles, 12-5 pm.

August 14-16: USTA Midwest Adult League Sectional Championships

August 21-23: USTA Midwest Adult 40 and Over Sectional Championships

August 30: John Shirley High School Boys’ Invitational

September 12-13:(9/8) The Girls and Women September Open benefiting the Women’s Sports’

Foundation Go Girl Go Programs (855327315) (With Level 7 QuickStart Events-MW Level 5) G(18- 12)s,FMLC; G(18-12)d,SE; Women’s Open,W 45)sd,SE; G(10 (GreenBall)sd, FMLC; G(10 (60’ court/Orange Ball),8 (36’Court/Red Ball)sd Round Robin

September 19: Middle Schools’ Invitational

September 30-October 3: IHSAA Boys Sectionals

October 6 & 7; IHSAA Boys Regional

October 16 & 17: IHSAA Boys’ Tennis State Team Championships

October 23 & 24 IHSAA Boys’ Tennis State Individual Singles and Doubles Championships (away)

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