Tennis House Update
John Bear Kite named Corporate Finance Chairman

John Bear Kite is named Corporate Finance Chairman for the Tennis House Fund Drive. John is President of Kite Companies. He understands the importance of the Tennis Program and the tournaments held at the cen ter. He played tournament tennis as a junior and was in the program ten years. John graduated from Brebeuf Prep and DePauw Universisty where he played on their tennis teams. He looks forward to working with volunteer to contact businesses in our community to support the Tennis House Expansion and Renovation Project.

A big THANK YOU to Susie and Fred Fehsenfeld who have served as Fund Chairman. They can be proud of raising over $616.837 for the project. Currently, Fred is in Boston sharing his business knowledge with students at MIT. He is a Fellow and both lecturing and enjoying taking classes.

Valued donors as of May 7, 2003:

A and C Realty/ Arthur Boyle

ABCO Property Services

Bill Adames & Dawn Zimmer

Advantage Court Fitness

Kent Agness Family

Curt and Barbara Albertin

Joseph and Barbara Alpert

Robert and Kristin Altice

Victor & Becky Andrade

Dr. Berj and Dolores Antresian

Elizabeth A. Argus

R. W. Armstrong & Assoc. Inc. (Joe and Debbie Wade)

Thomas and Beth Armstrong

Tom and Jeanne Atkins

Douglas W. & MaryJo Ausenbaugh

Ida M. Avery

Janie Lou Bailey

Gratz Enoch Bailey, Jr.


Jim Balis

Patricia Ball

Lois & William Bane

Elizabeth Baratz

Vicki Barbera

Bardach Awards/ Broad Ripple Trophy Center

Tom and Rene Barnard

Charles & Sharon Barnett

Sarah C. Barney

David and Susan Barra

Susan S. Barrett

John Barry

Thomas and Adel Barry

Barfh Electric Co., Inc./Michael Barth, Jr.

William and Nancy Bastian

Amanda & Robert Bates

John and Shannon Baxter

Richard Baxter

Richard and Mary Jane Baxter

Steward and Linda Baxter


Jim Beattey

Jayne L. Beeler

Dr. Richard and Barbara Beeler

Tom Bennett

Karen and Richard Bennett, III

(Brian Smith) Best Subs

Holly and Kevin Betz

Dr. Peter Bick

J. R. Billman

R. Scott Bindley

Birge Family

J. Taggart Birge

Jim Birge

Peggy Bitting

Jean Blackwell

Marilou Bleecker and Family

Bob Block Fitness & Equipment

Martha Bloomer

Richard S. Bloomer

Henry and Pamela Boch

Edwin and Cynthia Bolander

Bill & Joyce Boncosky

Charles and Chartley Bondurant

Joseph Borinstein

Bose McKinney & Evans

Donald and Joanne Boulden

Robert L. Bowen

Judy & Robert Bowes

Carol and Art Boyle

Pat and Jack Bradshaw

John I. Bradshaw, Jr.

Michael and Nancy Brandt

Sue and John Brandt

Carol Branson

Gina and Jim Bremner family

Judy and Fran Brennan

Carolyn Brenner

Charles Brenner

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Preston T. Breunig

Bright Ideas

Patricia Brown

Paul and Andrea D. Browne

Ed and Jane Brune

Gertrude P. Buck

C. Byron Buckley

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Susan & Dale Barrett

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Dorothy K. Barnes

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund / Karen and Richard Bennett, III

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Edward and Susanne Bennett

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Rebecca & Clifford Beyler

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/James and Virginia Birr

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Elizabeth and Albert Blackburn

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/David & Nancy Blough

Ralph M. Burns Memoiral Fund/Michael and Sharon Bray

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Preston T. Breunig

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Stanley & Elaine Cleveland

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/John W. Colvin

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Edgar L. Conn

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Loretta and Allen W. Davis

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Jody Vance Davis

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Stephen E. and Mary O. DeVoe

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Stephen A. Enkema

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Ward and Maude Fenstermaker

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Judith Gardner

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Patricia and Paul Gunville

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Christine & Jim. Hackl

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Amy & Robert W. Johnson

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Cynthia and John W. Gaisser

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Leanne & Alan Gillespie

Ralph M. Burns Memoiral Fund/Alice Gordon

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Fred and Jeanne Grumme

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Nancy T. Habig

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Steven and Jacqueline Holloway

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Verlene and Charles Herron

Ralph M. Burns Memoiial Fund/Jay and Kathryn Hollander

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Frances D. Hollett

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Janet and Chuck Howard

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Needham and Mary Lou Hurst

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Dr. Glenn and Marianne Irwin

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Dr. Robert E. Jenkins

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Kathleen and William Kleckner

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Desi and Stuart Koch

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Christine & Philip Lablonde

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Kathleen & John Lappas

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Barbara & Harry Layfield

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Sally and Tom Lugar

Ralph M. Burns Memoiral Fund/Magni-Power Company

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Dorothy A. Marone

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Jimmy and Nell McClure

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Mrs. Harlan D. McIntyre

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Meridian Hills Country Club

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Northwest Radiology Network

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/James and Susan Naus

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Scott and Barbara Hughey

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/David and Martha Krimendahl

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Larry & Ryta Lett

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Stanley Malless/Permanent Magnet

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Jane and Michael A. McLain

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Marian & Boris Meditch

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Charles & Roberta Jo Mong

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Mary and Don Morrison

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Elizabeth J. and John A. Morton

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Polly and Wayne Nicely

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Peggy and Donald Over

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/LouiseTrimble Ramey

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Bette E. Richardson

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Gerald & Carolyn Rogers

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Christy F. Sagalowsky

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Jeanne and Jack Scofield

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/David and Carol Burns Shumate

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Tommie & Richard Sievert

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Dr. J. Harold Smith, II

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Sher Lee Sommers

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Mary S. Summers

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Richard & Jean Steele

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/ Steven and Suzanne Sutton

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/James and Ruth D. Walker

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Charlotte F. Whitt

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Blanche & John Weissert

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Mary Jane Brooks Wilhoite

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Virginia B. Wohlgemuth

Ralph M. Burns Memorial Fund/Barbara and John Wynne

Ruth Ellen and Andy Burns

John and Linda Burns

Ruth and Ralph Burns

Sandy, Susan, Kyle, Coner Burns

Andrew & Susan Buroker

Barbara Burris and Suzanne Gray

Dave, Donna, Kent Butcher

In memory of James A. Butcher from Barbara and John Wynne

Jeff and Ellen Butz

Diane & William Byron

Howard and Lynn Caldwell

Barbara and Bill Campbell

Jim Campbell

Louis and Linda Cantor

Pauline Carpenter

Linda F. Carroll

Century Properties, Inc.

Gregg and Amy Chappell

David & Ruby Cheng

Lee and Elizabeth Christie

Pam Christy

Andrew Churchill (JRA Architecture)

Margaret and Peter Cislak

Citimark Management Co. (Wm. Carlstedt Family)

William and Charity Clark

Cameron Clark

Greg and Anne Clark

Jackie & William Clark

Dr. George and Shirley Clark

James and Clair Clark/Heather Iffert

Hector and Cana Clavijo

In memory of Tag Cline/Barbara Wynne

Becca and Mario Cobo

Denise and John Cochran

Elizabeth and Bill Coffey

Michele and Matthew Cohen

Janice and Matthew Cohoat

Mr. And Mrs. Jack Colby

Laura Conner

Craig Cooper

Jack and Carolyn Connors

Abel Contreras

Julie Contreras

Ana Contreras

Catherine and Michael Coscia

Sally and James Cottingham

James and Dixie Covert

Mary and Joe Cox

Casey and Elizabeth Cronin

Joseph and Barbara Cronin

Charles and Margaret Csiszar

Daddy Jacks / James R. Thompson

Ed and Jane & Drew Davis

Edgar and Margaret Davis

Gary and Lisa Davis

Charles and Jackie Davis

Susan Marie Dawson

Deer Creek Amphitheater Concerts LP/ Lucas Family

Dan and Sally DeMars

Jean and Herman DeValeria

Chuck DeVoe

Steve DeVoe

Dennis and Denise Dickson

David and Katharine Dickenson

Dick & Helen Dickinson

Diversified Business Systems/Joe Cremer

Clarence and Judy Doninger

Eric and Michelle Doninger

Dorothy M. Dotson and Rocky Dotson

John & Connie Douglas

Jon Duke

Marcia Duke

Duke Realty

James and Mary Durlacher


Eli Lilly & Co. matching gift

Karen Eliezer

Heather Elrod and Jan and Anthony Elrod

Frederick D. Emhardt

Shawn and Todd Emmons

Steve and Julia Enkema

Joyce Enkema

Rev. Wm and Edie Enright

Scott Enright

Josie M. Essig

Janet and Thomas P. Estes

Fran and Judy Etheridge

Brenda and Des Evans and Family

Mrs. William Evans

William and Lois Evans

Sheila Evans

John and Marcia Fagan

Jim & Martha Fairfield

Randall and Korryn Fairman

Pat Fansler

In memory of Bob Faris

Margaret & Paul Farrell

William & Marni Fechtman

Mike and Mary Feeney

Fred and Susie Fehsenfeld

Trey Fehsenfeld

Courtney Fehsenfeld

Brian and Karen Fennerty

Bart Ferraro

Dean and Jane Fields

John H. Finley

John Finneran

First Indiana (Robert McKinney)

Juergen and Marie-Claude Flach

Christopher T. and Cheri Fletcall

Thomas and Connie Fletchall

G. Paul and Nancy Fogle

Walter and Michelle Foltz

Maureen Forrest

Michael and Shannon Fox

Philip and Elizabeth Freiberger

Richard & Lucille Freije

Michael and Pamela Fremion

Kurt Freudenthal

Howard Friedman

Coleman and Ann Friedman

Larry and Helen Gambaiani

In memory of Dr. Austin "Bud" Gardner

Peter & Nora Garrett

Gary & Lisa Gehlhausen

Rebecca Gering

Jerry and Jan Gershman

Lee and Ellis Gery

Paul and Phyllis Gesellchen

Melissa and Brian Gibson

Babs Givens

Marilyn and Gene Glick

Richard and Anne Gohman

Harry and Lucy Gonso

Ruben Gonzales Medical Svcs. Gonzales Family

Gary and Patty Goodman

Mary P. Gosling

Suzanne Johnson Gray

Nicole Green

Brendan Green

Joseph and Flora Greenberg

Susan and Kevin Gregory

Carolyn Griffith in Honor of Barbara Wynne

Griffith Foundation

Perry and Michelle Griffith

In Memory of Frank Dowling

Stuart & Colleen Grinell

William and Phyllis Groth and family

John R. Guggenheim

Prem and Madhu Gupta and Family

Jay P. Hacker and Family

Lisa H. Hackman

Michael and Catherine Haffey

Debbie Hahn

Gregory F. Hahn

Trenton and Troy Hahn

Maria Theresa C. Haigh

Marilyn Halbrook

Tom and Gretchen Hall

Robert and Gail Hall

Richard and Mary Jane Hamburger

Barbara Hamilton

Gil and Hammond

Keith Hancock

Mitchell and Tami Hansen

Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hapak

Rhea C. Harcourt

Suzanne Hakanson

Leslie Harris

Mrs. James Harris

Scott Hart

In memory of Amy Hasbrook

Mr. And Mrs. Ed Hauser, Jr.

In memory of our Nancy/ Evie and Ross Haynes

Gordon & Jody Hayward

Bruce & Suzanne Hazelett

Jim and Susan Heatherington

Bryan Heck

Tom and Judy Heidenreich

Jack and Bonnie Heidt

In Memory of Connie Held

David Held

Andrew and Karin Held

Louis Hensley, III

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Herd, Jr.

John and Dottie Heseman

John and Karen Hewett

Wiilliam R. Higgins, Jr.

Richard and Bobbi Hill

Phil and Lynn Himelstein and family

Carolyn Jane Hodge

Celia Hogan

Kathryn and Jay Hollander

Jim and Billie Hollenbeck

John Hollett, III

Thomas Hollett

John and Ginny Hollett

Bill and Amy Hollett

David and Susan Hollingberger

Drew Hollingberger

Hollyhock Hill

Brad and Jennifer Holmes

Lois Holton

George O. & Adeline C. Holvoet

Miles and Evan Holvoet

Homewood Suites

Honda West

Hoosier Office Machines

Charles and Jana Hora, Caroline and Marcy

Roberta Horan

George & Barbara Hoster

Tom & Susan Hotwagner

Emerson & Jane Houck

Elizabeth Hourigan

Barbara P. House

Al and Kathy Hubbard

Beverly and William Hudnut, III

Linda Hughes

Wayne and Gretchen Hunt

Needham and Mary Lou Hurst

Rick and Lisa Hurst

Rebecca & Scott Hutchins

Heather Iffert

Fred Illingworth and Ellen Crosby

Peter Ince

Indianapolis Community Tennis Association

Indianapolis Racquet Club

Indy's Child

In memory of Filip Krajcik

Evie Infanger

Ruth Ann Ingraham

Friends of the Indianapolis Racquet Club


Bob and Sally Jackson

Andrea Jackson

Greg & Pat Jacoby

Beth and Scott Jahns

Dr. James Jinks

Craig Johnson

Liz Johnson

Rosemary Johnson

Sonia Jose

JRA Architecture

Ralph and Joan Kahn

Bob and Troy Kassing

Arthur and Sue Ann Kalleres

Virginia Kelly

Jane and Charles D. Kelso

Kevin and Heidi Kelso

Hubert and Marie Kelso

Bruce and Tracy Kennedy and Family

Patsy and Jack Kennedy

Kathy and Mark Kiefer

Drew & Janet Kightlinger

Linda and Jeff Kimbell

Brian and Anne King

Ross & Elizabeth King

Anne (Mrs. J.B.) King

Eric & Anne King

Michale & Shelley King

Beverly and Lewis Kinkead

Michael Kirby

Ted & Pat Kirn

Jason Martin Kivett

John & Dagnia Kleinops

Rita and James Kleinschmidt

Kent and Lori Kline

Dorothy and Alan Klineman

Marilyn and Tom Klingaman

KMI Realtyu Advisors

David Knall

Mark Koivuniemi

In memory of Ralph M. Burns

Steve & Gail Kollias

Wendy and Bill Kortepeter

Joseph and Annaliese Krauter

In memory of Baxter Rogers

John Krol

John F. & Charlotte Krukenberg

David B. Kubley

Sanford, Kathleen, and Kelly Kunkel

Claire Landis

Scott Langdon

Charles and Rosemary Lanham

Philip Larman

David and Rosemary "Bo" Laycock

Rich and Susie Learey

Renee C. Lee

Dr. and Mrs. James Leland

Brian Leland

Robert and In geborg Leopold

Leppert and Hensley

Larry and Ryta Lett

Sara and David Lett

Alan and Mary Levin

Faith M. Levitt

Lexitech Intern. Corp.

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

William and Kathryn Linville

Stig & Debbie Ljunggren

Patricia and Andrew Loh

Sara Clark Lootens

Tom and Heather Lord

John & Judy Lowe

David and Linda Lucas

Scott & Teresa Lugar

Todd and Linda Lugar

Tom and Sally Lugar

Betti Lurie

Vonda Lutz

Nikki Lynch

P.E. MacAllister

Richard and Dorothy MacGill

Robert and Sue MacGill

Susan & Don McLaren

Blair and Alice MacPhail, M.D.

Steve Madawick

Jack and Pam Mahoney

Gretchen Magers

Christine Malancuk

Julie Mallamad

Jane Malless

Stan Malless

Kathryn and Charles Mandrell and family

Charles and Brenda Manis and Gabe Manis

John & Lisa Marosky

Marsh Supermarkets, LLC.

Nancy & Ron Martin

Linda Matthews honoring Barbara Wynne

Fred and Elizaabeth Mathias

Ken and Yasuko Matsumoto

Michael and Illene Maurer

William Mays

Doug and Kathleen McAuley

Dr. Kevin C. McCallum

Jimmy and Nell McClure

Tom and Michelle McCullough

Frederick and Carrie McFall

Jeanne McFall

Tim and Jane McGinley

John McGinty

Edythe and David McGoldrick

William and Joan McGowan

Michael Ann McIlwraith

Frank and Nilsa "Micky" McKinney

Robert (First Indiana) McKinney

Katie McKinney

Marney ( First Indiana) McKinney

Matthew McLaughlin

Dr. Sherman and Kathleen McMurray

Harry F. McNaught

Mac McNaught

Barbara M Menzie

Kathryn Melzer

Dawn and John Mercer

Meridian Hills Mortuary

Jim and Jane Merritt

Metropolitan School Dististric Of Washington Township

Todd and Terri Metzger

Cathy Hurst and Phil Meyer

Bob and Gayle Meyer

Carrie Meyer-Richardson

Gail Miller

Deb Miller

Hadley Miller

Ophelia L. Miller

Rebecca Miller

Tad Miller

Jim and Mary Lou Millikan

Mary Lou Millikan

Jean Mills

LLC Minds

Richard and Jane Mockovak

Pal and Suzanne Moffett

Rose Cremer Molloy

In memory of Ralph M. Burns

Pat & Robert Montgomery

Tom and Martha Moore

Jennifer and Andrew Morris

Daniel and Joan Morris

David and Amy Morrison

Mary and Don Morrison

Michael and Heather Morrison

Jerry and Ann Moss

Craig and Myrna Mullins

Michael and Sally Murdock

Scott & Karin Myers

National Jr. Tennis League of Indianapolis

Wendy Fortune Neal

Barbara S. Near

Miles Nelson

Lisa and Jim Nelson

David Nguyen

Myma Nguyen

In memory of Jack Rogers

Phil and Susie Nicely

PA and Debbie Nilhagen

North Central Extra-Curricular Fund

North Central Tennis Team

Odle McGuire & Shook

Martha Jane Olinger

Perry O'Neal

Kevin & Barbara O'Toole

Eleanor and Jim O'Neal

Joanne W. Orr

Don & Carolyn Palmer

Bob Palmer/ Lindsay Palmer

Terry and Ben Park

Bette Parsons and Ernie Ferency

Ginny Purdy and Alex Paskoff

Jill Patterson-Holvoet

Jill Patterson and IRC Mixed Doubles

Mel and Tom Patterson

Anne N. Pearson

John and Ginny Pearson

Billy & Veronica Pemberton

Jim and Helen Petersen

John and Nancy Peterson

Golden Anniversary Bill and Marian DeMeyer

Mel and Tom Patterson

Paul and Deni Petticrew

Petticrew Foundation

Mrs. Cornelius Pettinga

Pfizer Foundation

Charles Phillips

Andy & Barbara Phillips

Kenneth and Mary Pickard

Pioneer Investment Management

John and Euna Pittman

E. Lynn and Christine Plaster

Steve & Catherine Plump

Ian & Cory Poland

Power Components of Midwest, Inc.

Tom and Suzanne Primavera

Jim Purdy

Doug and Kelly Purdy

Harold and Janet Qualkinbush

Trong and Thuan T. Quan

Letha & David Queisser

Quiring Associates/ Erin Quiring

Barney and Claudia Quinn

Melba Jean Racener

Melissa Raikos

George & Peggy Rapp

Dr. Stephen and Pamela Rappaport

In memory of John C. DeVoe

Dr. David/Dr. Karen Mahakian Rardon

Howard and Nancy Ratner

Sally Reahard

Mike and Sonny Reardon

R. Merrill Reece, Jr.

Susan Reed

Leonard and Ann Reel

Jennifer and Dennis Reinbold

Richard Reinbold

Michael and Pamala

Bonnie and Art Rettig

Frank and Midge Rexroth

Dr. Ray and Karen Rice

Ron and Marcia Rice in honor of Barbara Wynne

Annette Ring

John and Susan Risk

Clay, Amy, Robbins

David Robinson

Jeff Rodefeld

Corp Rollpak

In Memory of James Root

Sharon Rosenburgh

Raoul S. Rosenthal

Royal Trophies

Resources Rquin Accounting

Chuck Rubright

Dr. Keith Ruddell

John Rufatto, D.D.S

Judy and Gerald Rush

John and Laura and Mark Rutherford

Henry & Velma Ryder

Christy and Ron Sagalowsky and family

Christy and Ron Sagalowsky Sage Associates

Tom Sams

Mark Saunders

Tres & Joan Scherer, Dr.

Gordon & Suzanne Schmitz

David Schmitz

Randy & Thomas Schneider

Courtney Lord Schwab

Haley Schwab

Semantha Schwab

Charlie Schwab

Sidney Schwab

Alan Schwartz

Steven L. Schwartz

Sandra and James Schwarz

Eugene L. Scott, Tennis Week

Allan Seefeldt

Cory and Beurt SerVaas

Eric and Marcia SerVaas

Ward and Lynn Sexson

James Shanahan

Michael and Katherine Shebek

Jay and Melissa Shepard

David Shotty

Cathy Siderys

Wendy and James Siegel

John & Pat Sieloff & Brett Illingworth

R. K. and Denise Silbert

Stephen Simon

Judy Singleton

Doris Skelton

Michael Smart

Ralph Burns Memorial Fund/Dr. J. Harold Smith, II

Barbara and John Burnside Smith and Lynn B. Smith

Michael L. Smith

Pearson and Jane Smith

Stephen and Jane Smith

Abby and John S. II Smith

Olivia Spicer

Mackenzie Spicer

Grant S. Spicer

Carol and Stephen Spicer

Charles and Barbara Solomon

In memory of Richard W. Sommers/Sher Lee Sommers

Kenneth C. Stanley

Mary Lou Stark/Stephanie Reece Hunn

Ron and Katie Steele

William and Amy Cook Steele

Jane Ann Vigus and Keith Steiner

Lucy Linn Stewart

Herbert & Ann Strong

Amy and Kurt Sullivan

Dr. James Strickland

Herbert & Ann Strong

Bob and Judy Stusrud

Amy and Kurt Sullivan

Eleanor "Billie" Dickinson Summers

Steven and Suzanne Sutton

David Symmes

Charles Sutphin

Mary Louise Sutphin

Samuel B. Sutphin

Brian and Cynthia Sweeney

Alex, David, Olivia Taurel


Penny Tandy

Robert & Jane Tharp

Barth Electric

Stanley Malless Revo.Trust

Foundation (Duke Realty) The Community Covenant

The Kibler Company

Stanley Malless

Thomas Bennett Painters

John and Alayne Thompson

Stan Thompson Family

Trailing Arbutus Garden Club Friehds

John and Ann, Marie and Laura Trimble

Siter and Spencer Trudgen

L.B. & Pamela Tubergen

Charles and Nancy Turner

Scott and Lynette Tynan

Midwest Section USTA

David and Lynn Valinetz

Pat and Dennis VanderMeer

Judy Vigus

Dennis and Pat Vandermeer

Judy Vigus

Harry and Ruth Ann Wade

Joe and Debbie Wade

Steve and Joann Wahle

Steve and Carol, Mandy, Beth Wakefield

Brad, Ames, and Ava Walker

Ward O. Walker

Woodie Walker

Woodie and Jim Walker

Jeff and Pam Weber

Jessica Weerts

Max Weerts

Doris Weesner

Nancee Weigel

Mr. and Mrs. Richard West

Edward Wheeler

Carl and Jan Weigle

Carolyn Welch

In memory of Nancy Wickstrand/ Barbara and John Wynne

Rick and Anita Wilhite

Dr, Eugene and Jetties White

Fred and Elizabeth Wiese

Patty and Gene Wilkins

William A. Baker

In memory of Bob Williams, Indianapolis Star Sports

Robert and Karen Willliams

John F. and Barbara S. Williams

Warren and Joanne Willims/ Scott Hart

Maureen and Bill Winningham

Susie and Fred Wurster

John and Mary Wolk

Boyce R. Wood

Turner and Diane Woodard

Audrey W. Wright

Susie and Fred Wurster

Gregory Wynne

Barbara and John Wynne

Robert and Kathy Wynne

Cary, Rob, Georgia Wynne

John and Kristy Wynne

Nancy and Tom Wynne

Wynne Real Estate Services

In memory of Arthur Ashe

Nancy and Greg Wynne

John and Kristy, Korey and J.T. Wynne

Sue and Richard Wynne, Meg and Jane

Barbara Wynne

Ryan and Taylor Wynne

Tom and Jan Wynne

Drs. King and Peony Yee

Mabel Young

Marc and Kiyomi D. Contee-Young

Lynn Walker Young

Jeff & Elizabeth Yu

Barbara and Karl Zimmer

Gene & Maryann Zink Family Foundation

Jeff and Paula Zollman and Matt Zollman

WTST Search

2014 Schedule of Tournaments and Events
Indianapolis Community Tennis Program
A Program Partner of MSD Washington Township
2014 Tennis Calendar of Special Events
Held at the Barbara S. Wynne Tennis Center: 1805 East 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-259-5377
Enter USTA sanctioned tournaments on Tennis Link: (use ID number)
Steve Wakefield, Tournament Director

March 9: Free Tennis Play Day: Children 6 and up and parents. 3-4:30 pm. Tennis House/ Tennis Courts. Register for Spring Tennis: 12 and under: Midwest TeamTennis and Middle School Sunday Mixers with doubles and pizza party six Sundays.

April 6-May 18 Washington Township Midwest Youth TeamTennis: ages 5-11. No session April 20th: Sundays, 2:30-3:50 pm to register. Deadline: March 23, 2014

April 6-May 18: Greater Indianapolis Middle School Tennis Mixers and Pizza Parties: Spring Sundays, 4-6 pm. Inter. and Adv. Players. Doubles. No session April 20th. Register by April 3rd.

May 4: Connie Held Spirit Awards Dinner 6:30-8:00 p.m. Tennis House Community Room

May 9-11: Crossroads of America Jr. Open: B18,16 (fic)d(se)Earned advancement BG 10 green ball/ orange ball; 8 and under red ball (May 11 from 2-5 pm) 855323414

May 16-18: Barbara S. Wynne Jr. Open: B18,16s(fic)d(se) BG 10-8 orange/red ball round robin (May 17, 2-5 pm) 855305814

May 21-22: IHSAA Girls Sectionals

May 23-25: Race Weekend Jr. Open: B18-12s(fic)d Girls 14-12d,(se)B(18-12)d,SE; G(14-12)d,SE Earned Advancement BG 10 red and green ball QuickStart round robin, May 24 (2-5 pm)

May 27: IHSAA Girls’ Regionals

June 1: Washington Township QuickStart Open; BG10s (60’ orange);BG8s, RR

June 2: Summer Tennis Program Begins

June 6 & 7: IHSAA Girls Team Championships (at North Central)

June 8-11; CITA Qualifier: GB 18; G 16 s; FIC; doubles 850076214

June 13-14: IHSAA Girls Individual Singles and Doubles (away)

June 15: June Satellite Tournament BG 18, 16,14, 12 singles (One day 12 noon-5 pm: 3 matches)

June 15: QuickStart Tournament: BG 10-8 (2-5 pm)

June 18: Training for umpires: 7-9 pm Community Room (ages 16 and over)

June 21-26: Midwest Closed Championships Level 1: BG 18 & 16 s(fic) d(se) 850013314

June 26: Play Day: 2:00-4:30 pm Tie-Breaker Round Robin ages 6-18. Prizes! $10 to Riley Children’s Foundation

June 27-29: Reid Garlock’s High School/College Prep Training Camp (co-ed ages 13-19)

July 4-6: ATA MidTac Midwest Championships

July 7: Second Session of Classes begins

July 11: July Satellite One Day Tournament: BG 18, 16,14, 12 singles (One day 12 noon-5 pm: 3 matches

July 12-14: Midwest Level 3: BG 18,16s(fic)d(se) 850013414

July 18-20 Tennis Program 50th Reunion/Anniversary Celebration. Former Staff Members, Tournament Players, Program Participants, Families, Officials & Friends.

July 24-27: Indiana State Junior Open: Level 5: BGsd 18,16,14,12 Mixed: (18,14)d and BG 10-8 orange/red ball. 855324614 Benefits Riley Children’s Foundation Mixed doubles starts Thursday, July 24 at 5 p.m.

July 30 noon: Tennis Program Awards and Pizza Party Community Room

July 31: Summer Tennis Program ends.

August 1-3: USTA Midwest Jr. Team Tennis Sectional Championships

August 3: August Washington Twn QuickStart Open: BG10 (60’ orange);BG8s, RR 850053714

August 9: QuickStart ages: 8, 10 sd red, orange (2:00-5:00pm)

August 9: Satellite One Day Tournament: BG 18, 16,14, 12 singles (One day 12 noon-5 pm: 3 matches)

August 15-17: USTA Midwest Adult League Sectional Championships

August 30: John Shirley Invitational

September 6: Middle School Invitational 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

September 13 -14; Women’s Sports Foundation GoGirlsGo Benefit: G18,16,14,12 s(fic)d (se) Women (Open & 45)sd; ),SE; and September 13 & 14 QuickStart ages 6, 8, 10 singles. Red, orange balls sd round robin. 855327314

October 1-4: IHSAA Boys Tennis Sectionals (At North Central)

October 7-8: IHSAA Boys Tennis Regionals (At North Central

October 11: IHSAA Boys Tennis Semi State (away)

October 17 & 18: IHSAA Team Championships (At North Central)

October 24-25: IHSAA Singles/Doubles Championships (away) for additional information

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