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Thank You to Our Donors

We thank the following contributors to our Dome Project:
Katrina Adams
Charan Annangudi
Thomas and Anne Assante
Melissa Averitt
Charles and Pat Balis
James Balis
Rene Barnard
Sarah Barney
Nishesh Basavareddy
In Memory of Sue Bastain
Bill and Nan Bastian
Sue Bastain
Richard and Mary Jane Baxter
Christine Beck
Patricia Bellin
Jim Belt
In Memory of Jim Belt
Tom Bennett
Ray Benton
Susan Biederstedt
Bindley Family
Tag Birge
Bleecker Women
Ben Boleman
In Memory of Ben Boleman
Terry and Bob Bowen
Greer and Tim Bowker
In Honor of Greer Bowker
Art and Carol Boyle
Patricia Bradshaw
Beth and Jeffrey Brandes
John and Sue Brandt
Michael Brandt
Monica Brase
Mischa Briggs
Bright Ideas
Matt and Donna Brown
Daniel and Caitlyn Brunette
Sean Buck
Byron Buckley
Conor Burns
Sandy and Susan Burns
Jerry and Barbara Burris
David and Donna Butcher
Robert Foster Buttrick
Stuart Buttrick
In Memory of Barbara Campbell (9)
Elaine Carter
Marcella and Matthew Cava
Daniel Ceglio
Lezlie and Tony Ceglio
Amy Chappell
Jim and Claire Clark
Courtney Cox
In Honor of Courtney Cox
Michael and Patricia Craycraft
Betsy and Casey Cronin
Mary Lou Piatek Daniels
Gary Davis
Jane and Edward Davis
Jody Reel Davis
Drew Davis
In Memory of Jean DeValario
In Honor of Alek Devidze
George and Carrie Devidze
In Honor of Luca Devidze
Richard and Helen Dickinson
Jim and Mary Durlacher
In Honor of Ed Brune’s 80th Birthday
Jeremy Edesess
Nick Ehrmann
Fred and Cynthia Emhardt
In Memory of Dan Elliott
Engel Family
Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation
John and Jill Failey
FC Tucker
Brian Fennerty
Sarah Ferguson
Spencer Fields
Melissa Fitch
In Honor of Melissa Raikos Fitch
Tim and Jill Fletchall
Broc Fletcher
Paul and Nancy Fogle
Martha Ford
Russell Fortune III
Jeffrey Freed and Family
Richard Freije
Shirley Gallagher
Reid Garlock
Carol Gartlan
In Memory of Daniel Gentry
Mark and Carol Gentry
David Gerstein
In Memory of James and Sarah Gidcumb
Jim Gidcumb
Allen and Leanne Gillespie
Dee and Babs Givens
GJS Partnerships
Kevin and Susan Gregory
Perry and Michelle Griffith
Grogan Family
Kate Haas
In Memory of Bob Hall
Tom and Gretchen Hall
Elise Hanley
James Hasser
In Honor of James Hasser
In Honor of Wendy Hasser
Wendy Hasser
Anna Hazlett
Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis
In Memory of Judy Heidenreich
Barbara and Eugene Halveston
Barbara and George Hamilton
Henkel Family
Gordon Hayward
Brian and Sheila Henry
Lynda Hinshaw
Tony and Ellen Hocker
Jim Billie and Family Hollenbeck
In Honor of Brad Holmes
Jill Patterson Holvoet
Hoover Family Foundation
Charles and Jana Hora
Barbara and George Hoster
Terry and Mary Kay Housinger
In Memory of Bill Hudut
In Memory of Bill Hurst
Needham and Mary Lou Hurst
Rick and Lisa Hurst
Rosalie Hurst
Peter and Heather Iffert
Indianapolis Community Tennis Association
Indianapolis Junior Tennis
Evie Infanger
Interactive Intelligence Foundation
Michael Johnson
David P and Suzanne Jones
Ralph Kahn
Joe and Mary Pat Kalbas
Bob and Troy Kassing
Barry and May Katz
In Memory of Anne A Kennedy
Patsy Kennedy
Meghan DeMars Kiger
Joie Kipka
Jane Klingaman
Barry Klopstad
Greg Klopstad
Drew Kogan
Amy and Paul Koscielski
In Memory of Mary Lou Krise
Katie Krise-Hopper
Jane and Barry Kroot
David Kurlander
Stephen and Lynn Lacagnin
Susanne and Gerry LaFollette
Philip and Wendy Larman
Laurent Lassalle
Carolyn Learey
Soren Leichter
Shelley Lloyd-Hankinson
Paul and Kathy Logan
Jim and Sarah Lootens
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lord
Dr. John and Judy Lowe
Tom and Sally Lugar
Richard and Charlene Lugar
Scott and Teresa Lugar
Todd and Linda Lugar
Gretchen Luros
MacAllister Machinery Company
Ilia MacDonald
Joy MacLean
Steve Madawick
In Honor of Ajay Mahenthiran
In Honor of Ash Mahenthiran
George and BJ Maley
Jane Malless
In Memory of Stan Malless
Chad Marsh
Nancy Martin
Jim and Linda Mathews
Katherine McKinney
Kevin McKinney
Megan McLarty
Jones McNamar
Wendy and Richard McNamar
Chris and Katy McPeek
Colin McPeek
Mehall Family
Ron Mencias
Jim and Jane Merritt
Robert and Gayle Meyer
Midwestern Tennis Association
Deborah Miller
Ron and Gail Miller
Stephanie Perry Milliken
Joan and Dan Morris
Nancy Morris
Don Morrison
Elizabeth and John Morton
Sally Murdock
Philip and Susan Nicely
Jane Nolan
Denny and Donna Oklak
Lochan Rayulu Pagadala
In Honor of Manogna Pagadala
In Honor of Lochan Rayulu
Palmer Family Foundation Trust
Anne Pantzer
Muriel Patterson
MC Pennington
Helen Petersen
Nancy Peterson
Paul Petticrew
Rich and Liz Pilnik
Susan Sinclair Pluss
Anna Possokhova
Jim and Paula Pritchard
Jim and Leigh Purcell
John Raikos
Dr and Mrs. George Rapp
Yale Reardon
Jennifer and Anton Reed
Robin and Duane Reeder
In Memory of Frenchy and Ann Reel
Rick and Jenny Reifeis
Dr. Art and Bonnie Rettig
In Memory of Frank Rexroth (2)
Carolyn Meyer Richardson
Douglas Rose
Sharon Rosenburgh
Matt Rosio
In Honor of Brooke Sagalowsky
Cristy Sagalowsky
Chuck and Delinia Sanchilli
Sarah Barney Charitable Fund
Savka Family
Brian and Karen Saylor
Brianna Saylor
Jagger Saylor
In Memory of Ann Schaefer
Schmidt Associates
Tim and Michelle Schumm
Alan Schwartz
James Seidensticker
Eric Servaas
Joan Servaas
In Honor of Beurt and Cory Servaas
In Memory of Kerry Seward
David and Audrey Shepard
Pat and John Sieloff
Herb Simon
Steve Simon
Richard and Tracy Smikle
G.  Pearson Smith
Jeff and Debbie Smith
Jonell Smith
Steve and Jane Smith
Susie and Evan Steger
Randy and Cindy Stehlik
Pamela Stewart
Joseph Stimming
Nancy and Brent Sutton
Julie Lappas Termini
Tournament Tennis
Trailing Arbutus Garden Club
Nancy and Allison Turner
Jonathan and Shari Vegosen
Rosie and Ed Vianco
Harry Wade Jr
Stephen and Courtney Wagner
Steven and Joann Wahle
Steve and Carol Wakefield
Jim and Phyllis Walker
Paul Wang
Mike Welch
Michael and Karen Wendowski
Eugene and Jetties White
Jonathan Whitham
Claire and Brian Wiegel
Kay and Fred Wightman
Willette Family
Larry and Norma Wilson
William Winingham
Charles and Erin Winings
David Wu
Fred and Susie Wurster
In Honor of Barbara Wynne (2)
Barbara and John Wynne
Nancy Wynne
In Honor of Emma Wynne
In Honor of Gregory Wynne
Robert and Kathy Wynne
In Memory of Cary Wynne (2)
Emma Wynne
Gregory Wynne
In Memory of John Wynne (16)
John Wynne III
Kathy Wynne
In Honor of Katie Wynne
In Honor of Korey Wynne
In Honor of Tucker Wynne
In Memory of Thomas N Wynne
Tucker Wynne
Lynn Young
In Honor of the 2000 NC Men’s Tennis Seniors
Gene and Mary Ann Zink
BB’s 85th Birthday ($1630)